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Experience the iconic Macquarie Marshes from the elevated position of the ‘Burrima’ boardwalk, located on a private property on the western edge of the Northern Nature Reserve. Managed with the aim of restoring and conserving wetland and floodplain habitat, ‘Burrima’ offers visitor access to the Macquarie Marshes via registration of interest. 

The boardwalk meanders its way for 2 km through River Red Gum forest, mixed marsh and dense reeds, providing an immersive experience of the Macquarie Marshes wetland. At the top of the observation tower, you’ll gaze across the Northern Marsh reed beds, part of the largest reed bed in southern Australia. Gain a snapshot of the main vegetation communities of the Marshes and an insight into the combined effects of river flow regimes and land and water management practices on the wetland ecosystem.

‘Burrima’ is a 257 hectare property privately owned in the Macquarie Marshes, 128 km on the Carinda Road, north of Warren in New South Wales. To access the entrance follow the signs.  You can also travel from Carinda to ‘Burrima’ which is 49 km on the Warren Carinda Road. 

Allow 1 to 2 hours to wander and experience ‘Burrima’ via the 2 km boardwalk visiting the observation tower and along the way.  Be sure to take water with you.

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‘Burrima’ has not been stocked since the purchase in 2005. Owned by the Macquarie Marshes Environmental Trust and managed by the Macquarie Wetlands Association Incorporated, not for profit organisation.  ‘Burrima’ is focused on providing insights into the combined effects of river flow regimes, land and water management practices on the wetland ecosystem. This continued understanding of the drivers of the wetland health assist with the maintenance and restoration of the Marsh environment on the property. The property has been managed in consultation with traditional owners, local landholders, government agencies and land management specialists.

We believe these environments can really only be appreciated by being immersed in them.  We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to hearing your review.


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