Terms of use

Release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, indemnity, parental consent agreement

This agreement is between those accessing ‘Burrima’ boardwalk and the Property Managers of ‘Burrima’, by allowing you access you will be bound to the following agreement.

  1.  The paths and walkways at ‘Burrima’ are designed to allow the public to view the wetlands in a low impact and environmentally sustainable manner.  Wetlands, free roaming animals and elevated walkways, for example, can be dangerous.  Children must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times.
  2. It is an express condition of your entry that you do hereby, for yourself, your heirs, executors, assigns and next of kin and each of them release, waive and discharge the Macquarie Marshes Environmental Trust (MMET), the Macquarie Wetlands Association Incorporated (the ‘Association’), their officers, directors, agents and employees of and from all liability, claims or demands for all injuries, losses, damages of any kind or nature to your person or property or to that of any minor under your supervision, while on ‘Burrima’.
  3. A guest is any person or persons who is or are entitled to enter ‘Burrima’ by virtue of having registered on arrival at the property, or beforehand, or who is or are entitled to enter the property for any other reason.
  4. Unless special permission has been granted, guests are only permitted entry to ‘Burrima’ during daylight hours and must exit the property by dusk.
  5. A guest must enter the property via the designated entrance, register their entrance on arrival and, where applicable, pay the entrance fee.
  6.  A guest must not bring into the property any animal, ball, bicycle, scooter, skateboard, roller blades or similar apparatus; alcohol or illegal substance.
  7. Guests are reminded that this is a native wetland environment and are not permitted to make excessive noise or use any audio equipment at a volume likely to disturb any animal; or behave in a manner that is likely to cause offence or disruption to other guests.
  8. A guest is not permitted to touch or interfere with any animal or vegetation; remove or disturb any rock, stone, sand or similar substance; feed any animal; throw any object; climb on, damage or deface any structure or sign; light any fire; or litter.
  9. A guest is not permitted to enter or remain outside daylight hours or enter any non-public area. Guests must not stray from the designated walkways and are advised to use hand rails where available.
  10. Either MMET or the Association may close ‘Burrima’, or any part thereof, at any time for reasons of adverse weather, flood, equipment failure, maintenance and construction, or in the interests of safety and will not be liable for any loss or expense incurred by a guest as the result of such closure.
  11. ‘Burrima’ is a smoke free property. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, vehicles and outdoor areas. Guests who do not comply may be removed.

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